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Introduction to the chamber of commerce
    Hardware mechanical and electronic chamber of commerce of shandong province is registered with the approval of the department of shandong province by the hardware mechanical and electrical industry in the province of entrepreneurs、Non-profit social organizations with legal person qualification,Is the party and the government contact trade bridge and the link to the private enterprise in our province。
      Chamber of commerce, the existing industry in the circulation field、Manufacturing enterprises、Hardware mechanical and electrical market three types of member units300Several,Focus on the many well-known enterprises in the province、Famous brand and the province industry outstanding entrepreneur...  
      Chamber of commerce members with hardware mechanical and electrical and related industries in the province on behalf of the private enterprises as the main body,In order to“Members will do,The service will be,Integrity of brain wave”For the purpose,In order to strengthen industry management、Standardize enterprise behavior、Increase the exchange of information...
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